Crash Course!

We get it. You're in a hurry and just need to know the basics. Here they are!

First do yourself a favor... Print two copies of this Right Now!Put them in your glove box... in case you meet someone accidentally!

1) If you've caused damage to YOUR OWN car, you only pay up to the amount of your deductible then Your insurance company pays the rest.


2) If your car damaged someone else or their car, YOUR INSURANCE pays for their injuries and car damages with NO DEDUCTIBLE or money from you.

3) If you want to repair your own car and the other person's............see #1 & #2.

4) If someone else wants to pay for your damages........get your car to the shop YOU TRUST and have the repair shop call with a complete price including a rental car for the time needed. If they don't like the price or is too much for them to pay out of pocket, then they call THEIR insurance company. (Read #2 to them or call us and we will explain and answer any questions without any pressures to anyone).


*One estimate is require from the shop that the car owner trusts. No one gets to pick a shop or a price for you. Never have your car estimated outside of the shop where your repairs will be done.Don't ever allow a quick look or settlement for an estimate at any insurance inspection site or your driveway. It's actually faster and saves everyone time and money when it is done at your trusted repair shop. If any insurance representative tries, really hard to tell you different, ask them to email you a check or money order for your time, gas, liability, loss wages, and therapist.

Yes, you are the Customer. You tell them what you want, when and where.


YOU are a silent customer every single day. It's an EMERGENCY or you wouldn't have called right? Your insurance company holds YOUR INVESTMENT. It's like a bank account that you have funded and are absolutely entitled to. Don't be afraid. Ask for service and Educate yourself..................Keep Reading!

Simple things no one teaches you but should.

Your collision deductible should be $200.00 or as small as possible today.

$500.00, $750.00 or $1,000.00 deductibles are very high amounts to waste while you will continue to pay for your insurance anyway, right? (Higher deductibles don't save a whole lot, just divide it by 365 days of the year. Insurance companies like high deductibles. Educated consumers don't).

Bank accounts don't offer ANY quality savings incentives. No insurance company has ever PAID YOU any interest or dividend for NOT HAVING ACCIDENTS. (Quite frankly I wonder why)? Our rates skyrocket by the UN-INSURED, the UNDER-INSURED, which we now pay for in additional insurance. Shouldn't they be paying their share, by cleaning our streets if they can't afford to 'pay with money'? Just a thought.

Always take rental coverage with No Deductible. ($30.00-$50.00 per day is good).

Always take Full glass coverage with No Deductible. (Rocks happen).

Always take towing coverage unless you are a member of AAA.

If you have been insured with the same company for more than four years without an accident, call and ask for a discount and a full policy review. (Loyalty matters). Long gone are the days when someone calls you to tell you about savings. Your car depreciates every year. You shouldn't be paying more and more for something worth less and less, right?

If your car is worth less than $3,000.00 it is usually time to remove collision coverage and pocket that savings instead.

If an insurance company wants to track your mileage with or without devices, tell them the government already does that. That's why an INSPECTION is required every year. (They don't need to know if you drive faster, slower or brake for animals. It's an invasion of privacy data mining that can be used AGAINST you).

Never give out your Social Security Number or use it as a policy number.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS get a police report. It documents the FACTS. You do not have to put in an insurance claim. Sometimes, stories change and people hurt after they have left the scene of an accident. No one ever regrets getting one but enough regret not getting one.


***You have the Right to designate 1042 Collision to tow your car, report your accident, call anyone for you, reserve a rental car, repair your car and represent you. No one can tell you where to go or what to do, especially any insurance representatives. Always get the full name and number of everyone you speak with.

If you have the time, read our web site for more. Or just call 1042 and relax.

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