At 1042, We Choose to Know Our Customers Personally

 Because Personally Our Customers Choose Us.



If an Insurance company isn't asking about what YOU WANT......TELL THEM!

YOU are the Customer. They serve you, not the other way around.

Never let ANY insurance company tell you what to do or where to go to have your car INSPECTED.

New York State Laws and your own insurance policy states you have the luxury to request the appraiser goes to the shop of YOUR CHOICE at a time that is CONVENIENT FOR YOU or your shop.

Insurance companies that tell you to drive to any inspection site first with a sales pitch about how you can then go where you want is WRONG, DANGEROUS and PUTS YOU AT RISK, not them. (Ask them to email you a liability release stating they are requesting you to drive your damaged car and will also pay for your wasted time and gas, if you really don't believe this.)

If a second accident occurs or you cause additional damage by driving, the responsibilities are all on you, not them. You will never be able to prove 'they said' something. They will and do convince people they 'misunderstood or it was only a suggestion'. They will say you did not clearly tell them exactly what YOU WANTED.

*Remind them that you would not go to one of their doctors, get undressed for an examination and then go to 1042 for your x-rays and surgery. It's that simple. Don't allow your car to be undressed anywhere except the repair shop YOU TRUST & CHOOSE.

***It is faster and easier for everyone when the customer knows exactly what they want and deserve. Don't allow anyone or any insurance company to tell you differently. Please always document the name & number of everyone you speak to. Call centers all over the world makes it too easy for them to confuse you.

You are entitled to a rental car after an accident if it is in your policy or claim. If any insurance representative asks you to determine if your car is safe to drive, tell them to go to 1042 and they can make that liability decision. You are not licensed to make that decision nor should you be asked to. It's the insurance company's responsibility to get to 1042 faster. It is not your responsibility to save them rental costs by driving an unsafe car.

Tell them............"1042 SAID"!

Costs and Deductibles?

This is the amount that you have selected to be responsible for before your auto collision or comprehensive coverage's can be used when a claim is filed. Deductibles are only applied to your own vehicles. There is no deductible for damages you've caused to vehicles not listed on your policy.

If you have a $500 deductible, and your vehicle damages are $2,500.00, your insurance company will only issue a check for $2,000.00 to you or your repair shop. Your insurance company will require you to show you have paid your deductible in full and if not an explanation of why you didn't. This protects you the consumer. *Most times if someone else is found at fault for your accident your insurance coverage will help you recover your deductible. This is called subrogation. You must have proper documentation and allow your insurance company to do this.

What if the vehicle damages to my car are less than the deductible?

No claim will be registered or paid out. Be absolutely sure there are no internal damages that might be found after a complete dismantling or inspection. A preliminary estimate may not be complete and your total damages may be over your deductible. In that case your insurance company may argue you did not uphold your policy, by not allowing them the opportunity to inspect your vehicle at the shop.
What if I damaged someone else's vehicle?
You may pay for their damages out of pocket or can put in a claim with your own insurance company. Your insurance liability coverage will pay for the other person's damages with no deductible or payment required by you at this time.

Is there a deductible if I am not at fault in the accident?

If the other vehicle owner or their insurance company agree to pay for your damages there is no deductible required from you. Most times they will also allow a rental vehicle for you or compensation called loss of use.

What happens if my repair shop does not agree with the offer made by an insurance company to repair my vehicle?

You should call your agent or a claims supervisor of your insurance company and have them explain the terms of your policy. If you feel the insurance company is being unfair or unreasonable you may contact the New York State Insurance Department, 212-480-4693, or the attorney general and file a formal complaint.