"I adored my father and feel like he is still gently guiding me to go forward" ~ Marie 

In 1971, my father Ralph A. Malerba, started our auto body repair shop right here in the heart of Long Island. His most famous statement to a potential customer was "Sure, we can fix it. We can fix anything, except a broken heart." His wisdom and humor was only a shadow of his integral, magnetic character. He'd always smile and tell people not to worry, as we weren't a Funeral home or the Emergency Room. There are worse things than wrecking your car. He was Right!


His love of life and cars started his dream and forever included helping people along with repairing their cars. He named our shop "10-42" after the address, 1042 Fulton Street, which is now also called Route 109, in Farmingdale, NY. Shortly after choosing the name, he found out that 10-42 was the radio code on the CB as well as New York City's Police code to mean a car accident had occurred. It was karma from the start. Through all these years cars and trucks have changed a lot but 1042 is still recognized as "The Code" to remember whenever there is an accident that needs a quick response for repairs or help with an insurance company claim.


In 1996 my father's death changed my life completely. To continue without him wouldn't be easy but to leave his legacy behind would be much harder. My manicure will tell you I had always hoped Dad would have started a flower shop or a restaurant instead. Auto repairs are hard, dirty, dangerous, hazardous, expensive, ever changing, highly technical and stress filled. My insurance background and licenses seemed to just enhance and convince me to keep our wonderful team going.


I adored my father and feel like he is still gently guiding me to go forward. So as a proud daughter, I continue over a decade later still missing my Dad every day. I just think of 1042 as a flower shop since we are filled with happy people growing every day. We are like a special kind of restaurant where people's hearts, minds and cars are well served by highly trained professionals cooking in an immaculate kitchen for all to see. At 1042, we choose to know our customers personally because personally our customers choose us. No one needs to run around or spend hours on the phone. There are worse things than having an accident.


Safe Travels always.

Marie A. Malerba

P.S. The car on our roof is a Model T and was gifted to my Dad from Jolly Rogers.